Hi, my name is Zeke Jeffrey and I write for this small blog. My interests within this blog are psychometrics, statistics, IQ testing, heritability, race, sociology, political science, differential psychology, evolutionary biology, and psychedelics. Outside of those topics and therefore this blog, I also have interests in Buddhism, philosophy, film, music, history, and chemistry. This blog is not focused on those topics as some are simply out-of-touch with some of the more materialistic propositions I make on this blog, and others are best left out simply thematically. Some interesting posts on this blog are:

I am currently working on two papers, one on the heritability of Western values, another on poverty and crime. Both will be published to this website when they are finished. I will note for the skeptical reader that I am not a “trained professional” in these topics. I am just a person who reads a lot and puts that information to use. Overall, you don’t need a PhD to be able to accurately represent a study. You just need to understand the study.

I try to regularly use my Reddit as much as possible, mostly posting in the HBD subreddit. I’m probably most active on my Twitter. However, sometimes I go on Twitter hiatuses or I just forget to use the app, so you can also reach me at my email: zekejeffrey2@gmail.com.