Criticisms of Richardson

This is a short post, listing and summarizing the major papers, videos, and blog posts criticizing Ken Richardson’s work. I will be sure to update with any other posts I find worthwhile, so let me know by comment or DM if I have missed yours. As of right now, I know Unorthodox Theory is also going to be writing a reply to Richardson on g. It is odd that little academic attention has been paid to him, but in the same breath, it makes a lot of sense as his claims and beliefs are pretty ridiculous.

Main Stuff:

Kirkegaard (2020) [a]: Ken Richardson claims FAQ – Short post from Emil Kirkegaard dealing with the claim that IQ tests measure social class.

Jeffrey (2020) [a]: Response to Richardson and Norgate (2015): “Does IQ Really Predict Job Performance?” – A long post I wrote early this year criticizing Richardson and Norgate’s paper attacking the IQ and job performance correlation.

Kaufman and Kaufman (2015) [a]: It Can Be Very Tempting to Throw Out the Baby With the Bathwater: A Father-and-Son Commentary on “Does IQ Really Predict Job Performance?” – This is a father-and-son journal article by James and Alan Kaufman where the former defends Richardson and Norgate’s paper on job performance and IQ and the latter argues against it to some extent. Alan Kaufman (who argues against Richardson) gives into the arguments I went most strongly against in my post, and mainly talks about construct validity. It’s short and at least worth a read simply to say that you’ve read their arguments.

Jensen (2000) [a]: NOTHING ‘MYSTIFYING’ ABOUT PSYCHOMETRIC G | Reply to Richardson on Jensen on Intelligence-g-Factor – This is a reply from Arthur Jensen to Ken Richardson’s review of his book The g factor. At the time of posting this, something is wrong with the site and it is no longer showing the full post (it might be able to be found somewhere else) so I’m hoping it goes back to normal eventually.

Modern Heresy (2019) [a]: A Critique of Ken Richardson Part 1: Initial Impressions and Social Class – A fantastic video showing Richardson’s disingenuity as well as his main argument about social class and IQ. It goes very in-depth and is worth the time. It is also only part one in a great two-part series.

Modern Heresy (2020) [a]: A Critique of Ken Richardson Part 2: IQ Test Construction – As the title suggests, this is the part two of the video series against Ken Richardson. The video creator, Modern Heresy is very well-read on the topic and gives a rigorous debunking of Richardson’s arguments about construct validity of IQ tests.

Dalliard (2016) [a]: Equal Environments Assumption and Sex Differences – This post is not a direct response to Richardson, but it does reply to a major claim of his and Richardson is mentioned in a quote that it responds to, hence it is worth putting in this list.

Reddit Post [a]: Ken Richardson has apparently a new study for December 2019: Why genome-wide associations with cognitive ability measures are probably spurious – A short, well-written reply to a paper by Ken Richardson about GWAS.

Reddit Post [a]: Testing the Key Assumption of Heritability Estimates Based on Genome-wide Genetic Relatedness (Ken Richardson is wrong again) – Links to a study that debunks one of Richardson’s claims. There is also a couple of useful comments elaborating on Richardson’s wrong-ness.

Thread/Debate [a] with @NiklasForberg and @Race__Realist – I include this here rather than in the Tweets section because I think there’s actually a lot of substance here, primarily from @NiklasForberg who has written some other good posts on his blog. The link I include isn’t the start of it; just scroll up and read through his arguments and all that jazz. He covers EEA, GCTA, Noble’s evolutionary model, etc.

Discord: When I first looked into Richardson and found NPC’s blog, I asked Sean Last if he knew much on the guy. His reply below; his source here [a].

Note: Jean Francois Gariepy had a livestream replying to one of Ken Richardson’s articles on genes. If someone knows which episode it was (or if it’s still there), let me know. I checked his channels and he had very few videos anymore for some reason.


These are almost all Kirkegaard. Just small replies or mockings of Richardson because he says a lot of dumb things. These are all that I found when I searched “Ken Richardson” in Twitter and later “‘richardson’ ‘iq'”; I’m likely missing some.

(note: I didn’t care to finish this as it was a very dumb paper; luckily other videos and whatnot came out to do the job for me, and probably better than I would have)

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