This blog was started as a page for general contrarianism – disagreeing with everyone and providing the evidence to do so just for the fun of it. Now it’s been moving more towards HBD-related topics. It will have political issues, culture, general research, and anything of that nature as well.

Every article includes hyperlinks for the reader to reach a source. If a link is broken, a study is misrepresented, or a source is missing, I give my condolences, and please leave me a comment. Fixing/adding hyperlinks is easy and if you feel I have misrepresented a study, I may disagree so keep the comments respectful.

Thank you for checking out this website; I hope you learn something new here.


Here, I may list some posts which I feel stick out:

The Black-White IQ Gap: 100 Years of Research

Disease, Race, and IQ

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